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How to Make Time for your Self-care during the busy seasons of life.

a simple solution to conquering your commitment issues with exercise

how to end the vicious cycle of starting, stopping, and starting over again with your health goals


I love sharing success stories of empowered ladies… I hope to have you on here one day!

"For years I was plagued with stress, lack of sleep and lack of motivation to achieve my goals.  After working with Erica, I became more focused on achieving my goals and as a result I have less stress, I’m more conscience of my health and I’ve achieved more success in my career than I could have ever imagined."
"Erica has been such a positive, encouraging influence in my life. She had so many tools and exercises to help me practice and prepare my body and mind for natural childbirth, as well as how to keep my body in the best health to be able to perform at its best throughout my pregnancy and after.  I can’t thank Erica enough for the way she equipped and prepared me for this, and I can’t imagine having done it without her."

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