Mother Sluggers is a no-fluff, straight to the point, health and fitness program.  Utilizing only the stuff that drives results and cutting the rest.  You don’t have time for fluff. You want a streamlined path to getting fit, strong, and unstoppable.  Now you have it.  Lets get after it!

Get Fit

Improving your fitness can be so much fun. YES! looking tone, strong, and agile is an amazing feeling. But it's not just the results that are fun. The actual process of getting fit can be a blast too. Every drop of sweat can be empowering, invigorating, and SO...MUCH...FUN! It's time to feel strong and alive again.

Get Lean

You've hidden behind those baggy t-shirts, or worse, closed doors WAY TOO LONG! You know your worth is more than just your weight. But, that doesn't mean you can't pursue the weight that makes you feel at the top of your game. It's time to let go of the excuses, and get lean. You've got some living to do!

Get Your Mind Right

Stress will take you down... And all those good intentions you have for your health and fitness with it. You don't have to settle for irritability, mood swings, insecurity, and stress overwhelm, only to cope with unhealthy eating and skipping workouts. It's time to get your mind right and take back control of your life.


Creator & Head Coach

Great results don't come by accident. 

Great results come from focus.

If you're ready to take 30 minutes to FOCUS on your health then, so am I.  And just to show you I believe in you, your first coaching call is on me (that's right, it's FREE). 

What You'll Get When You Become a Mother Slugger


Why isn’t everyone healthy & happy? It’s not because there’s a lack of information.  Most people know exactly what to do.  You don’t need more advice to change your health.  If you’re like most,  you need clarity, community, and consistency.  And, this is exactly what health coaching can provide.  


If only you had a coach who understood your unique challenges and goals. You don’t need another one size fits all fitness plan that feels like a chore.  Instead, don’t you want to love moving and sweating again.  Well… you can! Whether it’s at one of the Mother Sluggers’ Boot camp style group workouts or on your own turf doing a customized virtual workout designed just for you! Either way, your uniqueness will be the driving force. 


Your mind and body are a team and they’re either working together to create optimal performance or they’re competing for the lead spot and blocking all the wins.  You can’t out exercise unhealthy thoughts and emotions but you can train your health and fitness comprehensively by developing both your mind and your body, just like an elite athlete would. 

There’s No Better Time Than Right Now

Transforming your health and fitness might be hard... But, you don't need to DREAD it, FEAR it, or PROLONG it any longer.

Why wait? It's time to take back control of your Life... starting with your health and fitness!

To help you get excited about your transformation, I'm offering you a FREE 30 minute coaching call... YOU IN?
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